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Discover some of the best deals on AC systems, equipment and individual unit sales direct from Countrywide Air Conditioning in the Houston, Texas local area.

We don't sell junk or cheap equipment that will let you down when you most need it! We stock only the best equipment for all your domestic or commercial AC needs. Contact us right away to discuss your requirements and get the best for less with excellent service from our expert AC engineers and installers.

Cool Solutions

If you already know or at least have a very good idea of what kind of cooling solution you need for your home or business, talk to us! We can help you put together the best, most cost effective and efficient cooling system equipment to satisfy your needs.

By installing only top quality equipment, we insure that you get a cooling system that you can rely upon for the years to come. We also offer an on-going maintenance and service contract where we come out and clean, service and maintain your equipment on a regular schedule to keep it running at peak efficiency and reliability.

This protects you from any unforeseen impact to your system including component wear or degradation. It also gives you peace of mind by knowing that an expert service person is just a phone call away and will be with you fast!

We stock the top brands in AC equipment because we care about our customers and want to be sure you get the very best we can offer!

Portable Air Conditioners

One very popular type of AC is the portable unit and you'll find these in homes up and down the country wherever there are hot days and the home owners or tenants can't afford to install larger, fixed units or systems. There are two main types of portable AC that most people have an interest in owning or buying. They are:

  • Portable AC units with a vent hose to vent the hot exhaust air out of the room through a convenient opening.
  • Swamp coolers that look like AC but are not. They cool by evaporation, as I'll explain.

Portable AC Units

These come in a variety of sizes and power outputs and are really useful to stay cool if you don't have a central, fixed or zoned AC system in your home. They are true air conditioning units just in a portable housing and as such they need to be able to remove the hot, damp air they produce as a by-product of the refrigeration process.

That means they need to have a hose fitted that will carry away the exhaust air to the outside, usually through a window via a special fixing kit or through a custome made vent hole in an external wall.

Swamp Coolers

These are different from AC in that they don't cool by refrigeration, but instead by evaporation of moisture. Because of that, they don't produce any hot exhaust air and so don't need to have a vent hose fixed to the wall or hanging out an open window.

This type of cooler is often (mistakenly) referred to as a ventless portable air conditioner unit (see: for more information) but that name is misleading because it's not an AC at all! These machines have a disadvantage in that they will not work very well in areas of high humidity.

In that case, it is better to get a regular portable AC rather than have a unit just blowing uncooled air at you.

The advantage of swamp coolers over AC is they are much cheaper to run. They often typically use between 1/10th and 1/20th the energy of a comparable AC, which can represent a considerable saving on your electricity utility bill each quarter!

Either way, a portable cooler is a good idea if you don't have a fixed system already installed in your home and getting one is beyond your budget. They're relatively cheap to buy and while swamp coolers are very cheap to run, a good quality regular portable AC unit can cost you only slightly more than a fixed system in energy consumption.


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