Home Energy Audit
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Home Energy Audit

"With electricity so expensive, have you ever considered having a professional "Home Energy Audit" done to see how to lower your electric bill"?

The Dept of Energy says it is the "first step" in making your home more efficient.

We offer a complete "Home Energy Audit" for $179.00!

We send a skilled technician to inspect your home inside and out, especially in the attic.

He measures the insulation R factor, heat gain, radiant barrier, and attic ventilation. He thoroughly inspects the windows, doors, air infiltration, air ducts, the air conditioning and heating systems, even the water heater.

We would like to set an appointment with you so we can show you how to start saving REAL money off your electric bill.

Home Energy Audit Details

Includes a complete inspection and evaluation of:

  1. The attic insulation, type, amount, distribution effect, R value (the rating of insulation value)
  2. The attic ventilation, types of ventilation include powered and passive. Powered ventilation is motorized exhaust with thermostats; Passive ventilation is ridge vents, soffet vents, gable vents and "whirlybirds."
  3. Radiant barrier. Radiant barrier comes in many forms. It is designed to reflect the sun rays away from the house and prevent the intense heat from building up in the attic and living space. The most common radiant barrier installed in new home is roof decking under the shingles. It can be added to older homes by "painting it" to the under side of the plywood decking or it can be stapled to the studs in roll form.
  4. The central air conditioning and heating system uses up to 70% of the electricity, so a thorough inspection of these systems is very important. (Think of it as an air conditioning checkup on steroids!)
  5. The water heater is also a large consumer of electricity or natural gas. It runs 24 hours a day. Natural gas prices have doubled since hurricane Katrina.
  6. Heat gain is the infiltration of heat through openings throughout the home. Fireplaces, chases in the walls and windows that face the afternoon sun are the biggest culprits.
  7. Exhaust fans in the kitchen and baths, ceiling fans, even landscaping and shade are all inspected to wring out all possible ways to lower the bill.

To help save energy costs, we suggest looking at ventless evaporative coolers as an alternative to AC. See this website: https://ventlessportableairconditioner.com for details and a thorough exploration into this side of air cooling devices and their pros and cons.

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