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Air Conditioning Check: What We Do

On this page we have provided a run down of the process Countrywide Air Conditioning goes through upon providing the customer with a full check on their air conditioning equipment.


We check your thermostat - dust it off and clean it, check the wiring connections are sound and calibrate if required

We check the air filter. As we don't generally carry air filters on the service van, we clean your electrostatic and permanent air filters


We oil the blower motor bearings, if needed. We check for any vibration, abnormal noise, bearing wear and check the electrical readings

We inspect the indoor cooling coil for dirt and mold that can quickly build up in the coil, which can restrict the air circulation. We also check on the condensate drain for clogging.

We inspect the air ducts for possible leaks and any signs of deterioration that could cause air loss into the attic or other open space and allow unwanted excess dust and allergens to gain access to your home! Duct cleaning charged extra as it is not included in the service!


We check the outdoor unit for any dirt, damage and/or corrosion. We clean accumulated leaves and other debris and hose off any dirt and/or cobwebs.

We lubricate the fan motor outside, if necessary just as we did inside. We check for any vibration, abnormal noise, possible bearing wear and electricity consumption.

We check the circuits to the unit. Loose or badly secured high voltage connections can cause sparks, short circuits, equipment failure and in rare cases even fires!

We check the system controls. Primary and safety controls are checked for proper function as well as any deterioration. Some controls may wear out over time, even through normal use!

We test the compressor, which is the "heart" of any air conditioner! We check electrical load readings, perform several tests including recording operating temperatures and pressures.

Last but not Least

We do a check on the refrigerant level (freon). This is actually the single most important check we do. It is to ensure the efficiency of your system is maintained. Unrestricted air circulation is necessary to obtain an accurate freon reading. Dirty filters, blowers or indoor coils may cause the unit to appear low on freon!

We check the overall system operation to assure that your AC unit is cooling to specifications.

We compare the total electricity usage in ratio to the cooling being produced. This is to provide you with an idea of the overall efficiency of your unit.


We provide you with a full, written record of our findings and observations. In addition to this, we offer recommendations for any repairs, maintenance and cleaning that may be needed to restore the important cooling capacity and energy efficiency to your AC unit!

The special price that we charge of this service is "$49.95" for one air conditioner, plus an added $20.00 for each additional air conditioner.

We recharge your system with "one pound of freon free", if needed. Additional freon if needed is charged at $25 per pound. There is of course no discount if your AC system does not need additional freon.

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