Furnace Inspection: Keeping Your Home Safe & Energy Efficient
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Furnace Inspection: Keeping Your Home Safe & Energy Efficient

As Houston furnace technicians, the professionals at Countrywide Air Conditioning know that the importance of an annual gas furnace inspection for homeowners cannot be overstated. Furnaces, when not maintained or working properly can be very dangerous. If you haven't already read why Houston heating system inspections are so vital, you can do so.

Countrywide provides a thorough system inspection of gas heating in Pearland, League City, La Porte, Friendswood, and other Houston service areas. Our service engineers are ready and able to come out to your place when you need them to insure your system is working at peak efficiency so it won't let you down when you need it the most.

During a gas furnace inspection, our trained professionals check the:

  • thermostat to be sure it's clean and level.
  • heat anticipator to see if is it set to match the furnace.
  • air filter to see if it is clean. If not, it's removed.
  • blower wheel for dirt and to see if it is warped or vibrating.
  • blower motor for shaft play, bearing wear or leaking seals.
  • open transition to check the evap coil, pan and drain.
  • heat exchanger including the front, back, underside and inside.
  • burners to see if rusted, covered up or deteriorated.
  • gas leaks at the gas lines.
  • flue pipe installation and clearance.
  • wiring for low or high voltage.
  • size and color of pilot flame.
  • induce draft run time.
  • igniter warm-up time.
  • flame rollover for color, slow ignition or hard ignition.
  • for flames reacting to blower coming on.
  • safety controls to see if wired properly.
  • disconnect blower to test high temperature cut-off.
  • heat exchanger again after high temp check.
  • close transition.
  • temperature rise across the furnace
  • for proper cycling of the blower
  • return and supply plenums and ductwork

Don't run your Houston furnace this year without getting it checked out. Call Countrywide Air Conditioning today. We provide the expert service you need and want and do a professional job every time.

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