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A Houston heating inspection should be performed by professionals annually. If you haven't already done so, read why Houston heating system inspections are so important.

Countrywide Air Conditioning provides thorough system inspection of heating in Seabrook, Clear Lake and other Houston service areas. Our inspections include:

  • Thermostat Check - We check the wiring connections and calibrate it to match the heating unit settings so it cycles correctly. We confirm that the heater is installed properly
  • Heater Installation – Strict safety codes require the heater to be properly installed. We check the clearance and electrical wiring, and check for fire hazards around the unit.
  • Blower Motor Bearings Oiled – When required, we oil the blower motor bearing. We check for vibration, abnormal noise, bearing wear and the electrical usage.
  • Indoor Cooling Coil Inspection – The heater must blow through the cooling coil. We inspect for dirt and mold that quickly builds up in the coil, restricting the air circulation. Restricted air circulation causes the heater to dangerously overheat, which can damage the heating elements.
  • Heating Elements Check – Most heaters have multiple heating elements that burn out easily, and many homeowners don't even know when one or more are not working. When a heating element is not working, it reduces the amount of heat and makes the unit run longer.
  • Thorough Check of Electrical Wiring & Connections – The extremely high electrical usage of the heater makes checking all connections and the wire condition extremely important. If the wires get hot, the insulation gets brittle, or the connections corrode, it creates a fire hazard.
  • Check & Test Controls – Sequencers, primary limit controls and safety controls are checked for proper function and for signs of deterioration. Some control wear out, even under normal use.
  • Check Furnace Cycles – The heater is run through heating cycles and the actual heat output is measured.
  • Overall Operation Check – A check to ensure your unit is heating to specifications
  • Air Duct Inspection – A check for leaks and signs of deterioration that causes air loss into the attic and allows excess dust and allergens into your home. (Air duct cleaning is an extra charge, not include in the service)

After the inspection, we provide you with a record of our findings and observations, as well as recommendations for repairs, maintenance and cleaning needed to restore the heating capacity and energy efficiency to your unit.

To keep your Houston central heating system running smoothly and safely, call Countrywide Air Conditioning today.

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