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Houston Heating: The Importance of Regular Inspection

Getting a Houston heating inspection and service before your system is turned on is the most important yearly tradition any homeowner can establish.

The reasons for a heating system inspection should be obvious. Heating units, also called furnaces, are very dangerous. Gas leaks, fire and carbon-monoxide poisoning are all hazards that come with running the heater. All these hazards must be checked and corrected. The furnace must cycle and operate perfectly to be considered safe.

Some homeowners have electric heating units. Electric heaters and heat pumps (another type of electric heater) need service too. Electric heaters are a fire hazard. Electric wiring causes as many fires as any other source. The reason may be that people neglect their heater because they don't think electric units need to be serviced. That could not be further from the truth.

Some other homeowners have gas heating units. Gas heaters all need regular servicing too, sice they can also be a fire hazard like their electrically powered counterparts. Gas leaks causes as many fires as other sources. Badly maintained gas units may also emit dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, which muyst be tested for at regular intervals. This happens when the venting on units becomes blocked or the flue gets dirty and also blocks the easy escape of harmful gases to the outside. Unvented units (see: http://ventlessheating.com for details) should also be serviced regularly.

Your Houston furnace or heating unit works in the summer too. The fan inside the furnace is the same fan that moves the air for the air conditioner.

Your central air conditioning & heating system is a machine just like your car. It requires maintenance. Routine cleaning, oiling, repairing burnt and corroded wires, and adjusting the Freon are all very important if you want to save money and you want the system to last. The average cost to replace the central air system in a home is $15,000.00! The new ones are much more energy efficient than the old ones, but very expensive.

Our service is like an oil change for your car. It is an effective way to get a good look at what's going on. We explain and show the problems you have or are about to have. We make honest recommendations to restore and improve your system. We give you the price for each recommendation and note which one is most urgent. If you like, we can do the additional work while we are there or we can schedule a return trip.

When we are done, you will have a written record of what we found and what it costs to fix it. It's a lot of peace-of-mind for just a little money!

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