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Spring and Summer 15 Point Air Conditioner Check-up

Why should you get your air conditioning system checked? Just consider that most people wouldn't think twice about changing the oil in their vehicles since the auto industry has already educated consumers about the importance and necessity of performing regular maintenance.

However, when it comes down to being concerned about maintaining their air conditioning systems in League City, Pearland or anywhere else, people often wait until the unit breaks down before servicing it. Regular AC service is necessary to ensure your system keeps working as it should at peak efficiency for as long as possible.

An badly operating central air unit can cause you a lot of problems, not least of those being increased electric bills or the risk of breakdown. Without regular maintenance and servicing you could potentially end up having to pay for costly repairs or even a huge replacement bill.

Don't just wait for your home's central air conditioning in Houston to break down before servicing. Keep it properly maintained and help lower your electricity bills and risk of breakdown with an annual check-up.

In a full, 15 Point Check-Up, we thoroughly check the:

  1. Thermostat for correct function and precise calibration
  2. Blower motor for dirt and debris, vibration, bearing wear, electricity consumption, lubricate with oil if necessary
  3. Evaporator cooling unit for dirt and debris, rust, Freon gas leaks, water leaks and correct installation
  4. Drain pans for dirt, rust and any water leaks
  5. Condensate drain lines for blockages or leaks and correct installation
  6. Safety controls (eg float safety switch) for correct operation
  7. Air ducts for air leaks, air flow restriction and deterioration
  8. Installation is compliant with current building codes and regulations
  9. Outdoor condensing unit for corrosion, Freon leaks and damage, checking clearance and level
  10. Outdoor fan motor for bearing wear and vibration, electricity consumption, lubricate with oil if necessary
  11. Unit base and clean dirt and debris as needed
  12. All electrical wiring and controls, check and tighten high voltage connections
  13. Electrical consumption, heat build up, compressor terminals, vibration and internal noise
  14. Total heating/cooling system operation and cycles
  15. Freon gas level for correct charge (we use superheat or subcool methods as necessary)

Free Estimates for new or replacement systems! If you are thinking of closing in the garage, adding a room, getting a quieter, bigger or more efficient air conditioning & heating system, call us. There is no job too small or too large.

We can even install central air conditioning in older homes that did not come with it!

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* Price for homes with only 1 air conditioning system. If your home has more than 1 system add $40.00 for each additional system at the same address.

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